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Still no Van

Last night I got offline early enough that I read the paper while the evening news was on. Then I watched a DVD and checked what I'd taped to see if either of the Storage Wars were new. They weren't, so I just watched the end of L&O:SVU for a while. Then I thought Spirit could take a trip down the hallway and see how she liked the bed this time. She was very nervous this time, not like last time, and when I let her go and she got off the bed, she headed toward the wall and not the door. She bonked her nose on the edge of a bookcase and then carefully let her whiskers take her to the door where she bonked her nose on the door jamb. As she started down the hallway, Junie started getting ready to chase her, so I put my elbows on both sides of her and grabbed her paws. She stayed until I let her go and Spirit was back in her bed by then. I think Spirit is absolutely blind now.

I got a call from the body shop today -- their tire supplier brought them the wrong size of tire -- and I won't get the van until tomorrow (the tire supplier has already pulled the right size and will bring it first -- at least that's what they said).

I posted before that a textbook used in Virginia has a lot of errors. Virginia asked professors to check that book and others -- both from the same publisher and others -- and they found pages and pages of errors. Most of them, though, are about the Civil War.

We have two new cheetah cubs at the Smithsonian Conservation Center out in Front Royal. Two mothers each had one, but one mother is taking care of both. Apparently cheetahs usually have more in a litter and it takes more than one to bring milk. The older mother, who'd had a litter already, was given both cubs and things are going well. This is the sixth cross-fostering in North America.

A food writer for the WashPost has made a batch of casserole recipes without cream-of-soup and "cheez".
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