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Turning the Rental Car In

Last night I watched TV and read the paper; I got to bed at 1am to read. I planned to stop at 3am because I'd agreed to call my friend Jay about the snow at noon and that would give me eight hours of sleep. Well, I stopped but was still in bed at 4am trying to think what would give me more calories and no more protein. I finally remembered tortilla chips and got up and had those. When I went to bed to sleep at 5am, there was still just a dusting of snow. Then my upstairs neighbor's cleaners arrived at 9am and I can't stay asleep while they vacuum up there and in the end, I just got up at 10:30am and started the day. Almost all the snow was melted, but in the snow and crunchy earlier snow, my shoes left their names, backwards.

I called Jay and we agreed that I'd call him when I knew what time I needed them to come pick me up, and then I went through the post office and on to get groceries. Boy, is it hard to put two bags in the Focus when I can't use the trunk. I was falling asleep on the way home and after putting perishable things away, went to sleep. It was 1:45pm and I set the alarm for 4pm. Jay called at 3pm and asked if we could meet soon because they hadn't had lunch yet. We set 3:45pm as the time to meet. I gave him directions to Enterprise.

I got up and dressed and headed out to fill the tank and then went across the street to give Enterprise back their car. I got the receipt and sat down to wait for Jay and family. They came about 4pm and it turned out that he thought they would come to the condo and follow me to Enterprise. They spent a lot of time banging on my door and then decided to go to Enterprise. I was pretty sure I'd been clear we'd meet there and that's why I gave him the directions.

Enterprise was short on cars -- a car guy took the Focus right back into the building and while I was waiting, the clerk told a woman that they had her car just being washed.

I'm not as sleepy now as I was earlier, but I don't have to do anything tomorrow (although maybe washing cat blankies because I'm washing sheets today -- movement hurt too much yesterday) so I think I'll just leave the alarm unset.

Apple and Cherokee worked to get an app for iPhone so the kids can use Cherokee when they text.
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