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Last night I was online longer than usual because I was looking for a new bathroom set. Not that I remembered to search for "bathroom set," no, I spent too much time looking for shower curtains without matching things. I like matching things. As soon as I remembered what to google, I instantly found what I wanted. I probably won't buy the rug, though, because, like the rest of the things, it has a white background. That won't be a problem on the rest of them, but having cats sitting on it all the time will make the rug impossible to clean. I'll just get a regular little rug in one of the colors.

I think it might be how much typing I did that made my right wrist start hurting like crazy when I was still online. Then when I started changing to my robe, the pain went up my forearm. I was able to read the paper, but when I then watched/taped TV, I just watched instead of crocheting.

I got to bed at 12:30am to read and could prop the book on a pillow so I didn't have to hold it, and then went to sleep at 4am. For a while, I've been to the point where I take just one narcotic pill when I go to bed, but last night was two then and two later. I didn't get up until 1:30pm.

It was theoretically 41F out there, but snow is still not melting. I sure hope we don't actually have snow on Sunday because I have to get the rental car back on Monday.

The president has ordered government offices to set up breastfeeding policies.

The census data has changed how House seats are allotted. It primarily increases in Republican states, but that's not as good as it sounds, because the increases are mostly from Hispanics who rarely vote for Republicans. (the box on the left has graphics with interactive maps)
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