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Borrowed Tides by Paul Levinson

This is Levinson's second novel in order, but the first, third, and fourth are a series. I wish he'd written more in the series (mysteries with detective who figures out stfnal elements).

This is fairly close to our future, about 20 years ahead of the publishing. He has a number of cute names for future products, but "SmithSONYan" particularly struck me. There's a guy who talks a government agent to letting them leave the system, the first humans who will do that. They think there's planets around Alpha Centauri and hope to see them while using the boomerang process to get back without having more fuel.

Strange things start happening -- a child's ideas will cause things out in space; a man goes to a hulk around ACA and comes back unable to talk; when they take the boomerang back home, things start going backwards. They realize time is rolling back and don't know what will happen when they get back to their origin. The man unable to talk knows what will happen -- the ship will go back and forth forever -- and two of the crew take him off with them. The others stay on the ship because they don't want to forget what they have. Plus, between them, there's three children and they don't know what will happen to them because they didn't exist when they launched. Those three who get off the ship, including the man who couldn't talk, no longer know what happened to them, but they do all talk.

It wasn't bad, but if you haven't read the Phil D'Amato books, I recommend them: The Silk Code, The Consciousness Plague, The Pixel Eye.
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