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Less Snow and Ice

I had an hour of tape and wanted to watch it later, so I started with reading the paper. I finished the extra section -- Health & Science -- and just kept nodding off so I apologized to Spirit and went to sleep three hours in the bed. I had the machine set to tape the late news. When I got back out here, we watched The Closer, which was a part 1. I read the rest of the paper and got to bed to read at 2am. I finished the book and went to sleep at 4am (the paper was here) with the alarm set to noon. I woke up at 10am with a lot of pain and took some acetominaphen and then slept until 1:30pm. Still painful, but I wanted to get the two-weeks of trash & recycling out.

It was very difficult to get it all in the car's back seat, since I already found out I fall into the trunk, but I managed. I already took narcotics when I got home.

I'm sure Spirit is very very close to blind. She looks for me by yelling and waiting for me to answer, and she tried to jump on to the recliner last night by jumping (claws out) on my red slippers and nude ankles. She would never have done that if she knew that's what she was aiming at.

South Carolinians had a Secession Ball not for slavery, no, but for men who were willing to sacrifice themselves for state's rights. mmmhmmm The NAACP showed up to complain.
Tags: cats, pain, reading, recycling, rrash, slavery, sleeping, tv

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