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Tony Takitani

This movie is black and white and very elegaic. I rewatched the second half without crocheting because the backdrop and other parts were almost like words.

Tony Takatani was born right after WWII. His mother died when he was five days old and his dad went touring (trombone) and left him with a housekeeper. When he started junior high, he took care of himself. He turned out to be a really good technical illustrator and got a good house and lots of jobs. After some years, he meets a woman 15 years younger who enchants him. He knows she buys new clothes constantly, but doesn't think it will last after they get married. It does and they end up having to make a room into a closet for a lot of very upscale expensive clothes. He finally asks her to stop buying so much and she says it's an addiction. She tries to stop buying for a week and at the end, takes a new dress and coat back. She's in the car thinking about how awful taking the clothes back was, and when she wasn't paying attention, a crash killed her.

Tony is devastated. He eventually advertises for a woman who is exactly his wife's size and decides on one. She's to be a secretary and wear his wife's clothing as a uniform. The girl worries -- it's a little weird, but her unemployment benefits were almost up -- and agrees. He has her take a week's worth of clothes, shoes, and a coat home with her and then he realizes that he has to let his wife go. He calls the girl and tells her to keep what she has. He has a company come get the clothes and sell them.

His father dies soon after and he gets the trombone and a lot of rare jazz records. Tony is still not quite right in his head and starts burning the records. Then he has them sent to an appraiser and gets money that way. Now he has nothing from his family -- mother, wife, and father -- and his loneliness covers him.

I liked this and the way it was presented. I did have to not just look at the subtitles but watch what happens, but I think most people do it that way.
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