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Maybe I Should Have Stayed Home

Last night the heat pump came back to life with new, more power, breakers. The guy who did the work didn't seem to understand what I said, but they installed this larger heat pump (nobody carries the developer's size) and shouldn't they have noticed it needed a bigger breaker then? And why would it suddenly start getting hot when it's worked for four years? He left a few minutes before 3pm and I was out at 3:05pm. Spirit came and insisted on being let under the duvet at 4pm and we got up from the recliner at 5pm. I read the paper and watched a DVD, then went to bed to read at midnight. I finished at 3:30am and set the alarm to check the stoop at 8am and the paper was there. I'm thinking they didn't deliver before. I'll see if it's here when I get up tomorrow.

Then at 9am, the insurance called and said that the van was a total loss and I'd get $2300. I asked what I would get if I wanted to fix it and she had to call a salvage line and I'd get $2200. The extimate is $3200 so I'd have to pay about $1K, which I can get from the credit card and pay back in four months. We set up the electronic funds transfer and then I called the body shop. I explained to my adjuster what was happening, and that I only had the rental car until next Monday, and the estimate said it would take 10 days. He said that all the parts had been in stock at their dealers and he'd see what they could do. I went back to bed and got up at 2pm.

I had trouble with my meds -- wrong numbers, pulling out some that alternate and weren't supposed to be today, things like that. Then I took the DVDs to the post office and completely forgot it would be crazy. People were acting like idiots to get in and out, including coming in the wrong end. I headed for the grocery store but couldn't turn left at Wellington because there was a big car crash there and that lane was blocked. I went on and turned around in a church's parking lot. I turned right on Wellington and saw a stopped train on the northern line and just went up. I don't mind trains. But people in front of me were turning around one after another and I finally got to the top of the lane behind the school bus, that couldn't turn. I waited 10 minutes and turned myself, only to find that the right lane going toward Old Town, where there's a dip under the railroad, was really slow. In fact, it took seven minutes to get there (normally one) and the train had moved four minutes earlier. I headed to Wellington that direction (about four blocks from my condo at one point) and had no problem at the grocery. I did, when I took food out, realize that it's a four-door car. I think I can take trash and recycling out with that.

SF Christmas.

The Senate Armed Services Committee requires their staff and appointees to divest themselves of stock from companies that do business with military companies. But the Senators on the committee don't have to do that. Sound fair?
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