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Heat Pump Again

Last night I watched another DVD and then headed to bed at midnight. I read until 4am and checked for Sunday's paper before I went to sleep. It usually comes about 6am on Sunday, so I set the alarm for 6am and there was no paper, I set the alarm for 7am and no paper, and then I was still awake at 7:45am and just got up and called in a redelivery. I had an email from the agent last night saying "IT HAS BEEN DELIVERED WHEN YOU DON'T GET IT CALL 703-368-4015 FOR REDELIVERY THIS IS 1ST EMAIL TO COM THROUGH" So he says he didn't get the two earlier emails, but did that last one; for redelivery, I have to be up before 10am and I suppose I can do that. There was a redelivery including the TV Week (which has a difference from TitanTV on "Storage Wars" -- says it's new Wednesday) and I've gone through all my normal first reading of that.

I've read the first hundred pages of The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold and that's enough for me. I really like her SF, but I don't care about royalty and magic. I'll start a new book tonight.

I started getting cold and realized I hadn't heard the heat pump come on, so I went to look at the breaker box and the breakers had snapped center again. I turned them off and back on and the heat ran for about three minutes. Then I called Woody's again and the guy from Tuesday replied (maybe he's the off-hours guy). He says he doesn't know anything else to do when the breakers flip and he's already tightened the wires and is calling Woody to find out. He'll let me know.

I expect to nap after he leaves.
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