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The Gospel

The packet says this is a retelling of the Prodigal Son, but there's almost nothing to compare.

When a teenage boy is running the choir of his father's church, his mother dies -- he can hardly stand it. Fifteen years later, we see him as a big-deal rapper. He gets a call from a friend that his father is now sick. Back home, now that his father isn't working so well, the other church men start moving in to be bishop and other titles. They also want to build a new church. He sets up a concert with lots of real singers and they get money for the church. One of the pushy guys sets out to be a really prideful bishop there, and some of the old folks aren't happy.

At the same time, the rapper meets a separated woman with a girl and they got to going out and spending a lot of time together when the woman's husband comes back, and she goes back to him, surprising the rapper.

The rapper gets sued for not keeping up with his agreements and staying at home and he goes to the combined grave of his folks (good continuity -- Dad's side didn't have his death date yet) and yells at God to tell him what to do. In the end, we see the people in the old church, coming forward to get help, and he does that too.

It's not bad, but it's not the Prodigal Son. There is some good music in the churches.
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