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Out in the Snow

I watched the other two tapes last night while I crocheted and then read some old "Smithsonian"s. I went to bed at 12:30am and read until 3am, catching up on Wednesday's loss of pages. I set the alarm for noon, but stayed in bed until 12:30pm.

No paper again and I got an auto-reply thanking me for yesterday's message, but nothing else. I'll try again. I decided to go to the grocery and get a copy of the paper as well as their store circular so I can make the list. First, of course, I had to get to the car and then get the snow off. The curbcut had ice where it met the streets so I carefully stepped over and made four steps to the door, holding on to the car. I got in and put the windows down to get the snow off those, then used the wipers to clear the front windshield. I couldn't find anything that would make the back window warm (I could see lines) and I checked the manual when I got home and found I was using the front one, not the back one. I pushed the snow off the back window and off the trunk and then pulled forward into the sunlight on the other side of the street. There was still some on the front and top when I left, but not large or chunky.

I got the paper and circular and then headed off to practice driving in the light. I went on a state route very fast and then turned onto a curvy non-state-maintenance road and drove carefully. I drove over some ice and snow in a parking lot and then came home. I'm very close to doing it automatically, except for the gear shift between the seats.
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