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Catching Up

On Monday's "Sing-Off", the older guys stayed in the contest, which is my first difference from the judges. They not only did the other things to let their lead singer rest, but they sang their second song all seated on bar-stool-like chairs. Yesterday, I watched "NCIS" but the guy for the heat pump hadn't come by 10pm so I taped "The Good Wife" and read the paper. I started reading in bed by 1am and finished a section at 3am and went to sleep with the alarm set to noon. People kept calling me while I was asleep so I got up at 11am.

Heat pump: I feel so stupid. I've looked for tripped breakers so many times before on other machines, and didn't even think of it here. They were tripped because the wires were too loose. He tightened the others, even though most of them were fine. He also dusted the outside talking about how dusty it was and I figured I probably shouldn't tell him it was wheat dust from the cat litter. As he left, he said he'd only eaten once so far that day and I remembered that I hadn't eaten at all. I had to fudge a bit to get the requirements.

Browning's: I took the van there today and the adjuster told me that I wouldn't get all the cost, so we'll see. He took pictures and sent the estimate to USAA, and said it would go to a higher level of assessment because of the cost.

Enterprise: They were a bit late picking me up at Browning's and I realized that the USAA person probably doesn't know I'm disabled. I managed to get in the passenger side and then the driver side, but it's pretty complicated. It's a Ford Focus and it has something like 40 buttons and stuff; I had to ask how to do a lot of things. I got the sensitivity of the accelerator and the brake pretty well on the way home. I have to take my left hand off the wheel to move the blinker, and it has one of those linear gear shifts between the seats. When I got home, I waited until a neighbor came home and I tried to put something in and take something out of the trunk and both times I fell in and had too much trouble getting out. She helped me but she won't be around all the time so I won't use the trunk. There was a red icon blinking like crazy and I couldn't figure out what it looked like, much less what it meant. When I got online, I googled a manual and it shows that the Security Alert is on.

I've started laundry and plan to watch a lot of TV tonight. I plan to watch a lot of the tapes I make tonight, too, because the damn paper didn't come today, either. I sent a stiff note to the agent and if I don't get a paper tomorrow, I'll call the subscription office, which is his supervisor.

The House has passed a don't ask, don't tell law; let's hope the Senate gets to it soon.

Another article from the WashPost on Hidden Guns: Many gun stores that lose their licenses for misdeeds just relicense through relatives and friends.

The Government Printing Office is publishing some documents in e-book via Google. They'll be a lot cheaper than the existing documents.
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