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Today: Good, Bad, Good, Bad

I watched everything I'd taped, since I didn't have a paper to read, then went to bed to read at 2am. I finished a bit before 4am and set the alarm to noon. On my way out, I always tell the cats to be good while I was gone and Loki is frequently on the heating pad next to the window if it's sunny. I looked over and Spirit was there! I told her and Loki how good they were and Spirit was happy-blinking.

I saw the primary who is having me double one BP med and then headed out. I pulled out onto a very busy road, thinking a four-door pickup with trailer was in the third lane, but he was in the middle lane, which is where I was going. We basically bounced off each other. First time I hit someone. We pulled into a mall parking lot and looked at cars and got insurance, etc. Neither of us were hurt.

I stopped at Browning's on the way home to get an idea of how much the body work and mirror, etc. would be. They're considered a top company here and it turns out, they also are part of USAA's auto body references. The van will take about $3200.50 to fix. I came home and called USAA and it turns out that after a $250 deductible, they pay all mine and all his, and I get a rental car. The van is apparently "not safe" legally to drive without a mirror, so I get the rental car. I need to go back tomorrow so they can take pictures and then probably leave it there.

I'm home and I was wondering if the shock of all this was making me cold and I went to get a sweater and then stopped at the thermostat. Still set to 74; actually 67. I called the company that put the heat pump in and take care of it with an immediate message, but haven't heard yet.

I opened the mail and USAA let me know that I got a dividend for this year and it will go against my bill.

Such a day.
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