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No Newspaper

I read Sunday's paper last night, but there wasn't one on my stoop today. There was what looked like a paper in a plastic carrier over in front of the next building and too far from the sidewalk for any of my reachers. The grocery was out of today's paper. Hmph. I just spent time going through parts online, but I'm sure I missed things.

I got to bed and started reading at 1am and finished at 3:30am. I set the alarm for noon, hoping I could get up then, but I woke up so often last night that I slept until 1:30pm. I was annoyed about the paper, and then I'd forgotten about the football and only got the first part of Meet the Press. So I headed off and the ATM gave me money today; I went and got groceries, not many, but things I need and all on sale, plus one coupon.

I'm working on washing/changing the bed linen and plan to wash cat blankies tomorrow, after I see my primary. The nephrologist, nor anybody on her staff, has answered my email telling her my BP was over 140. She told me to email her if it went over 140. It's actually been in the 150s and today, 161. I called Kaiser Advice and got an appointment with my primary tomorrow.

The Navy tested a railgun on Friday.

A fascinating opinion about what the Assange case shows about rape in the US.

A great Tom Toles cartoon on what Congress did with "don't ask, don't tell."
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