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Spirit On the Bed!

I watched a DVD last night and read the paper. Spirit was completely asleep on my lap and I picked her up carefully. She started squirming until we were in the hallway. She looked at the art (probably like black on white) and down to the bedroom. I was thinking she'd dash back out, but when I sat on the bed and reminded her about the bed, cat blankie, and books, and showed her Loki, she calmly got off my lap. She sniffed Loki's tail (he just watched), looked up at the books, and then gave the cat blankie a lot of sniffing. She carefully stepped down to the floor and headed back out here, but right at the doorway, she yelled. Junie dashed from the "safe" carrier in the closet and I said "Junie"! which made her slow down. I was able to get close enough to smack Junie's tail and let Spirit get to bed. I hope Spirit feels safe enough to try by herself and Junie doesn't hurt her.

I started reading in bed at 1am and finished at 5am. I had the alarm set for 1pm but I woke up with big back pain about 10am and took more narcotics so I actually slept until 3pm. I didn't use the swivel sweeper yesterday or today because when I stood up from the desk chair, I had to sit down briefly and then go get meds. I still hurt too much to wash/change bed linens; I'll try to do that tomorrow.

I'd planned to go out and get Friday and Saturday's mail, but then I had two DVDs so I dropped them at the post office. I was in the direction of the ATM so I went to get next week's money, but it took all the prompts and buttons and then gave my card back saying the machine was temporarily not processing. There's an indoors ATM, but I'd have to walk over bricks, wet bricks today, so I'll just come back to the drive-in tomorrow.

I should have mentioned that I finished re-reading Bell, Book, and Murder by Rosemary Edghill (eluki bes shahar) on Tuesday. Someone on ML mentioned SCA with the Dark Horde, which made me want to re-read The Bowl of Night, the third book in the trilogy, where a Pagan convention has a Klingon coven. I re-read all three and still like them.

The Laundry RPG, based on Charlie's Laundry series, is up for sale.

And the poor GM executives! They don't get enough money so the GM CEO asked the feds to release the pay rules for them. (The pay rules are because we gave the company money to stay in business.)
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