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More Accomplishments

I got one of the DVDs watched last night and near the end of it, got to a good stopping place on the crochet. Spirit knows that when I start packing up, I may be leaving, but I did just put the crochet in the workroom and make up the rehydration fluid to drink while I read the paper. I used the swivel sweeper in my bedroom, closet, and bathroom last night and that's one of the hardest places -- there's tons of fur there. I plan to get the hallway, guest bathroom, utility room, and former-dining room tonight.

Spirit has been wandering around a lot -- when I was sweeping back there, she came about a third of the way down the hall and yelled at me. I went looking for her because I was afraid Junie had made her hide behind the water heater and would keep her in there, but she was in her bed. Later while I was reading, she circled the kitchen and hallway, and then at a point that I thought she went to her bed, she was over here on top of the old computer. Getting another batch of the clavamox was good because she had small snot ribbons yesterday.

Junie and Loki have been here when I've used the swivel sweeper before and they're not exactly scared of it, but they don't want to be too close.

I went to bed to read at 1am and finished just before 5am, also finishing the book. I was awake a lot last night and ended up sleeping an hour after the alarm rang at 1pm. I did the grocery list for Monday -- it's very short, which I expected -- and set up the paper to read later.

Reen -- mplsvala -- died this fall, but this is her birthday and I remember her and who she was.
Tags: cats, crocheting, dvd, reading, reen, swivel sweeper

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