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More Meds for Spirit

On the "Sing-off" last night the fat women were wearing vests, but we did see the face of one of them. I read the paper during the show because so much of it was waiting for things to happen. I saw all the performances and the judges' comments. Last year I matched the judges' votes and the final audience vote, and so far this year, I'm doing that again. I think one really good singing group will have to leave Monday, though. They're a group of elderly black men, with the title in the form of So-and-so and the Somethings, and while they can move back and forth, they almost certainly can't move more around the stage. They're at the point where that's required to happen, plus the lead singer clearly has trouble standing up. When they stand after singing for the judges' comments, the lead has his hand on the shoulder of the guy next to him. When all the groups in that set come out and stand on [staggered steps] to find out who goes and who stays, he sits in a chair.

I had a lot of TV to watch and then tapes to watch and got half of the tapes done before I went to bed at 1:45am to read. I finished the section I was on in the book I was reading at 4am and came back out to watch the rest of the tapes. I watched two half-hour episodes of "Storage Wars" on A&E. I'd watched it last week for the premier and it's fascinating. It's a reality show, so the four guys involved are probably prompted to some extent, but even with that, it's interesting. When someone doesn't pay for their storage unit, it gets auctioned off. The people who came to consider bidding can't go inside, just lean in, and then they have to decide to bid or not. The guys try to bid each other up and sometimes that happens and sometimes they have to pay. When they get the stuff out of the unit, we find out how much it's valued and who made the most profit.

There were two odd storages last night: one had thousands of dollars of coins and sports memorabilia which could have paid for the storage unit for a long time, and the other had hair-styling equipment which the wife of one of the guys wanted. He refused to bid it up and she was upset. I'm sure she was more upset when one of the other guys bid $275 and found a salesman's sample piano and bench which is worth about $12K.

I got back to bed at 5am and set the alarm for 1pm, but when the alarm went off, it startled me out of a disastrous dream so I went back to sleep. I woke up at 3pm and went down to get a vast amount of mail and meds. Three meds for me and another batch of antibiotics for Spirit since she's still sneezing. If I left her like that, it would get worse again.

I got email from my primary doctor -- my thyroid is low so I do it a month early, but the cholesterol has been good for so long that I don't have to take it again for another year. It's not that big a deal since I get blood for lots of labs at the same time, but I like having the cholesterol good.

Joel Rosenberg, an SF author is in jail. He's pretty much stopped writing SF and has been writing and posting about gun rights. I last saw him a few years ago when he came to Minicon to pick up his kids and he seemed reasonable. The news makes him seem psychotic. I can't think of that, but if he really did what's said, he's certainly violating law. dd_b is likely to know more accurately since he's also interested in gun rights.

Cake Wrecks has a cute mixup of SF movies today.

Since the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is in China and can't leave, the Chinese made their own peace prize. The bad part about this is that they gave it to Taiwan's former vice president who may not have the nerve to turn it down.

The WashPost has 27 new Christmas cookie recipes this year, and there is a new app -- Cookulus -- that helps you get cookies exactly the way you want them.
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