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Sing Along Snubs Fat Women

I didn't crochet last night because I watched The Sing Along and the dancing needs to be watched. What I particularly noticed was that all the fat female singers were wearing sweaters -- I don't know who made that happen -- and that their faces were never on camera. Fat male singers had their faces on camera as did smaller-sized singers. This is not fair.

I had labs done today and we had to use two veins. The doctors hadn't put the labs in for another year, either, so I have to email them about that, plus the nephrologist gets email about my high BP. 140s on Saturday, 120s on Sunday, then 140s yesterday and this morning.

The anti-government people are copying again -- big deal moneyraisers with companies paying a lot to help with the Congressperson's campaign debt.

The General Services Administration is moving data and email to cloud. Crazy people.

The Russians lost three satellites meant to challenge the US's GPS. We have some astronauts launched by Russia and I sure hope they don't end up in the Pacific.

Chase has a "Freedom" card where they give you some percentage back of what you've spent. Most of the commercials are stupid, but one has the husband giving the wife and daughter the card to shop with while he leaves the city. He keeps getting trapped at the metal detector because they use the card and he gets more money in his pocket.

Macy's has a commercial using "The Seasons of Love" from Rent. The song is fine, but I wonder if they want the show to be associated with the shop.
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