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Closer and Eureka! Start This Week

After I got offline last night, I watched Wednesday's L&O tapes while I made the grocery list for tomorrow and marked the TV Week. I might have missed Eureka!'s starting up again if I didn't check through all the channels in each day. That's a very weird thing that the TV Week does -- it will put info about reruns in the day's information, but nothing about new episodes or even new shows. It no longer comes free with the WashPost; I pay 15 cents for it each week.

I read the paper and then went to bed to read at 2am. I decided to finish the middle book of the trilogy and read until 6am. I went ahead and left the alarm at 1pm, though. I woke up off and on until about 10am and then slept until the alarm went off. I was still sleepy so I turned the alarm off and slept until 2:30pm.

I'm still fiddling with the temperature to keep it high while I'm up and low when I'm in bed, but I think it's getting cold enough that I'll be able to just turn it down when I go to bed to read.

I've read the front sections of the paper, finished loading the dishwasher and it's finished running, and washed Spirit's bed because she had some vomit in it. I think I'm going to make popcorn to eat while I'm reading the paper.
Tags: cats, food, household, reading, sleeping, temperature, tv

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