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More Jewelry Editing

I spent more time working on the jewelry last night. I started with six jewelry boxes and the Lane chest (get from Lane dealers for high school graduation) and ended up with two jewelry boxes and the Lane chest. The other jewelry box is all earrings, and that's after putting a lot I don't wear into the bookgroup bag. The ones they don't want will go to MonsterSlayer. The chest has all my memory things while a drawer in Mother's big box has all her memory things. The other boxes are pretty anyway and I suspect I'll find other things to put in them. The next thing to check is beaded jewelry -- I have a fair amount where I don't wear those colors anymore and I'll decide whether to take them apart and mix beads, saving findings, or send them to Dress for Success.

I read the paper and got to bed to read at 1:30am. I stopped at 4:30am and left the alarm set for 1pm. I woke up a few times, but got up when the alarm went off. I'd had a weird fruity smell in the kitchen for a day or so and I'd sniffed near the clementines and it wasn't them. Then when I got more tea leaves out, I saw the lemons on top of that cabinet. I lifted the bag up and one was blue-green. I put them all in the trash under the sink; stinky things frequently keep their smell in there, but this one was spilling out. I took it to the dumpster instead of waiting until Wednesday.

I picked up money for next week and ate again at Panera. This time the woman at the checkout calmly said that they were out of plates, they always run out of plates on Saturdays and Sundays by noon. I was shocked -- surely people don't come when they know they'd have to use to-go materials even if you eat there. My french onion soup in a bread bowl was actually soup in a container with croutons to go on top. When a bus pulled up, the staff panicked, but about 2/3 of the folks who got off (some kind of girls athletic team and their adults) went to the Chik-fil-a. A well-run store should have been able to handle the entire busload.

I'm doing laundry and will work on the coupons and the grocery list after I get offline.

The Army has started a criminal investigation because there were eight urns in one gravesite under an Unknown marker.

In Afghanistan so far this year, 466 soldiers have died.

A former soldier, double-amputee, had a felony charge added to his misdemeanor charges because he was stalking the Westboro people. If we ignored the Westboro folk, they'd probably go away.
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