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Four Tries to Fix the Trackball

Every night starting Monday, I've had the trackball apart. On Monday, I took two of the three sections apart and cleared the vast amount of cat hair in it. When the ball moves and the arrow doesn't, there's too much cat hair. My trackball has four buttons around the ball, which are all programmable, even in duos, and six buttons at the top plus a scrollwheel. Kensington doesn't make these anymore so I have two more in the workroom (that I bought on eBay) for when this one dies. Tuesday morning I found that some of the six buttons on the top weren't hitting the URLs I'd programmed, they were either missing theirs or hitting another's. This has happened before, so I just opened the trackball and moved some cables away from each other. When I booted up Wednesday, same problem, so that night I went down to the second level and moved more cables. Thursday morning, everything was fine until I played one of my required games and the top right button was too stiff. So last night I took it down to the second section again and carefully moved another cable, made sure the rest were in the right place, and today it's all fine. Usually cleaning the trackball doesn't take this long.

After working on the trackball last night, I read the paper and went on to bed. I started reading at 2am and slept off and on, but did get the first book in the trilogy finished at 5:15am. I set the alarm for 1pm but was in a very emergency-like dream when it went off, so I just turned it off and slept another hour, finishing the dream.

I had a card to mail and my new coat and gloves were great in the 33F weather, but my head was freezing. On Monday, I can start using my left wrist and shoulder again and pick up the hat & scarf to finish.

A local paper that I usually just skim through, since it's primarily ads, had a picture on the front showing a National Weather Service guy awarding the mayor and others a "Storm Ready" certificate. No text, just the picture. So I looked it up and not only is our picture the second one on the page, but there really is a very thorough program to make sure your city is safe.

The FTC is pushing a do-not-track system that web users could sign on to and keep companies from keeping the users' data.
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