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Temperature Drop

Last night I read the paper and then watched Glee. I think I'm beginning to not be as interested in the show, just the singing. I just sat and petted Spirit because I have that splint on my left wrist and I'm supposed to use it as little as possible. I'll have to start again on the hat and scarf next Monday. I went to read in bed at 1:30am and went to sleep a number of times before 3am and at that point just gave up and put the book away. I left the alarm at 1pm and when I woke up briefly at 10am, I figured if I was awake at 11am (eight hours of sleep) I'd get up then, but I slept until 1pm.

I got the trash and recycling out today without noticing that I had the dirty side of the filter toward me and had a lot of cat hair on part of my coat. Speaking of my coat, the day was forecast for 62F but by the time I got out was 43F. I was wearing my spring/fall coat before I realized how cold it was, and I turned the heat on high in the van. I got gas at a point that I have $.50 off per gallon and less than half a tank. It was only $2.359/gallon, which was good. I had lunch at Olive Garden and tried the apple crostata, which looked nothing like that. It looked like apple slurry and melting ice cream. I'm sure there was no shortbread cookie crust. I decided not to complain, but I don't think I'll try it again.

Hmmm, sometimes as happens, what's in the paper version of the WashPost turns up differently online. I'll just say that another gallery is taking the "bad" video from the Smithsonian. Probably good for everybody since the new gallery won't lose money and will get more viewers.

A two-year-old girl was dropped by her grandmother from a skybridge between a mall and the parking garage and died a few hours later. At first, we looked at it as maybe an accident because only ground-level observers were mentioned. It turns out that both the girl's mother and grandfather were right there and their mother/wife was too quick to stop. A friend has said the grandmother has been depressed, but no other friends did. Wisely, the family isn't talking yet.

The unemployment benefits ended today, no continuance by Congress, so we'll have more desperate people.
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