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More Prednisone

Last night I finished the paper at midnight, went to bed to read at 12:15am, and was asleep by 12:30am. This is what happens when you take two sets of narcotics. I woke up at 9am with my stomach growling and Junie kneading on me. I think she kneaded earlier because she was in the dream and speaking English. I came out and used the chicken I'd thawed Sunday for a chicken salad sandwich, brought the paper in, and went back to bed to read. I slept again at noon and got up when the alarm went off at 1pm.

The rheumatologist thought muscle relaxant for my shoulder muscles was not right and since my fingers hurt so much, and we're going to increase the prednisone briefly, that should also help the shoulder. My fingers turn out to have osteoarthritis so they should probably react to a dose of prednisone, then tapering, and staying at a higher dose than I take now.

It was a busy road home at 5:00pm and there were a lot of people who had burnt out lights. I frequently check mine -- there are places I can pull into or back into and see my lights and my signals. When I go to rheumatology, the window in the exam room is right above the handicapped parking so I always make sure the top of the van is okay.

I'm doing laundry and taping Glee.

The Smithsonian is running an exhibit on same-sex images/videos and one is a Christ with ants on him. Lots of people, including the Catholics, are upset at this and Boehner's aide says if the Smithsonian keeps it up, they won't get as much money next year. Nothing like bullying.

On the other hand, there's been a strong bipartisan decision that gives the FDA a lot more ability to check food safety.

The conservatives have decided that American is exceptional. Maybe to mud.
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