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Having Trouble With Pushing Forward

I read the paper last night and read in bed until 5am when there was 10 pages left and I kept going to sleep. I slept until 10:45am and couldn't sleep more. I read the rest of the book and just lay there trying to sleep. I went and got the paper and went through the coupon flyers, making the grocery list. I finally gave up and read a new book, then got up at 9am and went to see if my check came yesterday. It did, so I took it and deposited it. I really wanted soup, which I do have at home, and I went to Panera and had French onion soup in a soup bowl.

I got home at 11am and started on the email and paying bills. I got really sleepy at noon and was in bed by 12:30pm, with the alarm set to 3pm to make up the two hours from the earlier sleep. I slept on and off and turned the alarm off thinking I'd just get up again, but I slept between 3pm and 5pm. I almost didn't get up because I'm still sleepy, but I'm going to try to hold out as long as possible and maybe get close to normal.

I'm now doing laundry and petting Spirit, who is on the old computer next to me.
Tags: cats, food, household, reading, sleeping

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