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Stealth Sneeze

Wednesday, a 10-drawer cart arrived -- I have one that was damaged a few years ago and is getting worse -- and I left the about 4.5' tall box lying on the floor. Loki and Junie went in and out and checked on it. I was thinking I could deconstruct it and take it to the transfer station the next time, but the cats do like it.

I finished online after midnight (and only started online tonight about 10pm and spent a lot of time on Charlie's current post on fat) and read the paper by 3:30am. I knew I should have gone to bed, but I had 2.5 hours of TV on tape and decided to watch NCIS and Modern Family. I got to bed to read at 5am and read until 7am when my stomach wanted more food. I came out to have an english muffin and bring in the Thursday newspaper. The newspaper had the grocery flier as well as many others so by the time I went through those and read the front of each section of the paper, it was 9am. I was very sleepy and went to bed, but set the alarm to 2pm, hoping the nap would be enough, but I turned it off and woke up at 8pm. Not quite what I'd planned. Now I'm sleepy again and I plan to go to bed at a reasonable time and see if I can get up at a reasonable time, even if I have to skip reading today's paper.

While I was reading Wednesday's paper, I had Spirit in my lap and we heard a sneeze. It wasn't Spirit, it was across the room. We both looked that way, although I think I was the only one who saw there wasn't anybody there. Then the bottom of that big box started moving and the moving came up to the top and Junie came out. I had no idea she was all the way back there and asleep.

Sarah Palin says the North Koreans are our allies and that may be because Jimmy Carter wrote an editorial about how North Korea will be nicer to us if we negotiate with them directly instead of a group of six.
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