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Shoulder and Feet Techniques

I was online until 10:30pm last night and when I got to the recliner, I not only did the contrast bath for my feet (boy does that hurt with the changing temps) but put that small heating pad over my left shoulder and that helped a lot. I read the paper, watching the late news while it was on, and then got to bed to read by 1:15am. I started one of my new SF books and it's nice to get back to SF. My stomach growled enough to wake Loki and Junie up at 4am so I came out and had a tuna fish sandwich (Spirit got the can) and watched the tape of The Good Wife. I went to bed again at 5am, changing the alarm to 1pm, and went right to sleep. I did just turn the alarm off and sleep about 30 minutes more.

I had a vast tower of heavy stuff on the rolling cart and I thought about making two trips, but no, I had to take it all out at once. I got it all out, but two of the litter bags fell off. Fortunately, on the sidewalk instead of the ramp. I got the cart to the van and opened up the back then went back and got the extra bags. I did manage to get it all into the dumpster or recycling bins and then headed off to drop the book at the library and pay my fees. About halfway through reading the Richard Jury series, the library system started a fee for requesting them to get a book to the library you want and marked for you -- $.25 each -- and they'd been warning about it for months. I think a quarter is pretty reasonable since it means I don't have to go to strange, perhaps distant, libraries and wander around to find things. I owed $3 and paid that, then went on to mail the check to the vet for Spirit's antibiotics. I had lunch at Red Hot and Blue, and as usual, left some of it there.

I started getting sleepier and sleepier and went to bed about 6:45pm (half an hour short of when I should take the late meds, but I took them then) and got up about 9:45pm. I got the next batch of Junie's pills into the pillpockets because she was still asleep and started filling the hand soap dispenser in my bathroom.

I have some work I need to do around the house and looking at the week earlier, I figured I should do it on Thursday. And then yesterday I remembered it was Thanksgiving and it isn't as if any place is open to do errands, anyway!
Tags: cats, errands, food, pain, sleeping

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