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Really Bad Night

I started feeling more and more pain -- my feet and my shoulder -- and took narcotics while I was still online. I watched TV later and then watched the tape of Glory Daze, the new '80s show on TBS. After six minutes, I rewound the tape and watched last week's Castle which had Lyle Lovett as a secret Fed agent, and Fillion gave a glancing reference to Firefly. I finished the paper and got to bed to read by 1am. Without calculating, I went ahead and took the regular go-to-bed narcotics and later realized I overlapped a couple of hours. I planned to finish the book, but took to sleeping at 2am. I was awake with pain at 7am, finished the book by 8am, and still couldn't take more pain meds. I did go to sleep about 9am and when the alarm went off at noon, I turned it off and slept until right before 3pm.

I went to the grocery and was dragging on the way back into the condo. I put the groceries away in the kitchen and then sat in the recliner and went through the mail. Spirit's antibiotic came -- I have a check to mail tomorrow. I now have 28 Forever Stamps left from the hundred I bought in April 2007 at the cost of $.41 each. Now they're worth $.44 so I saved a bit of money and will probably save more.

I bought another two boxes of Swheat Scoop today and decided I would empty Spirit's box and put in a box and a half of the Swheat Scoop (the other half went to Loki's and Junie's box). I was thinking I could lift and throw into the dumpster a bag with the Arm & Hammer MultiCat litter that was left in Spirit's box, but I tried to lift the bag and all I could do was slide it along the floor. I moved some into two more bags and I can handle those for trash and recycling tomorrow. Last week I took the mixed-paper recycling basket even though it was only half-full and that was good because today it's spilling over.

There's been a big decline in kids going to ERs because they overdose on cough syrups. Manufacturers voluntarily took the cough syrups for 2-year-olds and younger off the shelves, but there are still some kids ending up in the ER because either the parents didn't get rid of it or the kids are good at child-proof caps.
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