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More Sleepiness

I actually slept four hours with Spirit -- from 8pm to midnight -- then was online until 2am, then worked with the coupon flyers and made the grocery list for Tuesday, and then read the paper. I got to bed to read at 5am and I had hoped to stop sooner, but ended up at 7am. I set the alarm to 3pm and went right to sleep, but Junie started being my alarm about noon -- I had to pull the covers up to my chin to keep her claws from kneading me.

Now I have the sheets going in the laundry and the front pages read of the WashPost sections. The WashPost is using those QR codes now and today's was on the Food section (usually Wednesday, but Sundays before holiday weekends). When you use a QR reader on this code, you get 120 turkeyish recipes. That way you can check a recipe when at the grocery to make sure you have all you need and you can see the recipe while you make it. This is pretty cool.

The freshmen representatives are doing what the other freshmen have done for years to get the office they want -- they pick a disk in a lottery and their choice is by number -- looking to get the best office they can find. Turns out they haven't connected that with "less government".

Today the WashPost has another chapter of The Hidden Lives of Guns, this time on how many officers are killed with guns from each provenance. There were 511 police officers killed by firearms in the United States from the beginning of 2000 through this past Sept. 30. Legal purchase was the most: 170. It's a set of articles, graphics, and a PDF of how to deconstruct a gun trace. Very interesting and very thorough.

Now I need a nap again -- can't take too long, I have a podiatrist appointment tomorrow afternoon.
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