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Only Six Hours Again, Until Now

I only had six hours of sleep last night and headed to the library for bookgroup. We had 10 people at the group and seven of us finally got our librarian/leader/fan to go to a Thai place. They're really good at eliminating spices and peppers and she's very succeptible to those. They'll even make something for you from scratch. If you want heat, you give them a number. She liked what she got and said we could come back again. I had lamb curry in a three and brought most of it home. Three only buzzes my mouth while I'm eating. We had the son of one of the couples and he kept saying things about people older than 20 and then I had the same heat he did and was well over 20.

We talked for a while after we ate and then I came on back home. I picked up the mail and found the final Kaiser documents and we still have a Dental plan next year! They don't have to give them up until 2014 and I'm sure I can get the teeth cleared up by then.

I put things away when I got home and sat down at the computer and got sleepier and sleepier and finally went to sleep in the recliner with Spirit for three hours. Now I'll post the book and then read LJ & ML.
Tags: bookgroup, cats, dental, food, library, nap, sleeping, thai

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