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More Medical Stuff Than I Expected

Last night I watched the L&Os and taped Criminal Minds and The Defenders on one VCR and Modern Family and Psych on the other. I read the paper and then watched the CBS shows and went to bed to read at 2am. I read until 5am and set the alarm for noon, but was awakened earlier by the rheumatology nurse -- she said some labs weren't done and she'd put them back in.

I had an appointment with my primary today about my left shoulder and arm. The outside top of my left arm hurts a lot in certain positions and more if my hand is holding anything. The left back shoulder hurts a lot, too. She had me take shoulder x-rays which were normal. She ordered a muscle relaxant and if that doesn't work, I should email her. I got the labs that the rheumatologist thought she didn't have, confusing the techs, too, and when I got home, the original lab results were in my system. I don't know if she didn't find them or what. I expect to get the labs from today in my system tomorrow.

I've started crocheting the scarf & hat for the new coat & gloves.
Tags: crochet, lab tests, meds, reading, sleeping, tv, x-rays

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