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Swheat Scoop is Here!

Spirit came and sat with me for about an hour and a quarter last night, with a trip back to snack. The big deal is that both of the big cats were out here: Loki in the recliner and Junie curled up in the crenellations. Loki had his big surprised eyes when he saw Spirit come over, but Junie didn't know until Spirit sneezed and she looked. She curled back up, at least.

I left for the Imaging Center at 8:30pm and stopped to get money for the week because I don't have to go that way until Saturday. It took me a few minutes to get used to driving in the dark and then it was okay. I got there about 9:10pm and I was the only patient; the others were a security guy, an office guy, and the tech. This happens a lot in the afternoon, too, where someone has cancelled or doesn't show and I get taken in right away. I brought the pink sheet with all the info -- even if my printing was legible, there isn't room for everything that's wrong with me and my meds on the form. We had to start twice; my left back spasmed about 5 minutes in and that made my head move. I stretched and went back under and that worked. I left at 10pm, which was when I was due to have the MRI.

I passed home at 10:30pm, heading for the McDonald's that has a 24/7 drive-through. I had a McRib sandwich in 1981 or 1982 while I was consulting on Long Island. I used to eat a lot of expensive food because when they pay you a lot, they expect money to show other places. I liked the McRib then, even compared with expensive food, and I wanted to see what it was like this time. Boy, was that awful. It was made from shredded meat formed into a rough rectangle with crimps. The sauce was too sweet, too. I got home at 10:45pm and picked up the mail.

As I settled into the recliner, Spirit started coming over and Junie dashed over and smacked her. Spirit went back to her bed and Junie went up on the crenellations. Loki jumped to the platform above the crenellations and started smacking her. They really almost fought up there -- four to five feet in the air -- and eventually Junie gave up and left. I think Loki was paying her back for hurting Spirit.

Went through the mail and read the paper, going to bed to read at 2:30am. I stopped reading at 5:19am and set the alarm to 1pm. And as it seems to have been a lot recently, I didn't sleep until 8am. I changed the alarm to 2pm, but two nights in a row with six hours of sleep was rough. I didn't get the temperature down four degrees in eight hours last night -- it was only down two degrees still when I got up and out here at 2:30pm.

I got the blood taken that clotted in the tube last week and then went off for groceries. I was really thrilled that the Swheat Scoop was back because I was going to have to buy two boxes of a different, non-flushable, litter otherwise. I bought more things than usual, but the only things that weren't on my list were those little baby bel cheeses.

I was really in a lot of pain and put the perishable things away, came over here to read the email, set the VCRs to tape shows (and blast! I set one to the wrong channel! Not unusual when I'm tired or hurt, though), took a couple of narcotics and went to bed. Loki and Junie joined me instantly and after about 15 minutes, I went to sleep. My right hip hurt when I woke up an hour later and I rolled over. An hour later, the other hip hurt. I spent the last hour going back and forth and trying to make it stop hurting, but that didn't work, so I came out here at 10:30pm. In my dreams, I thought of my right hip as orange and my left hip as blue; the dream last night had a slice off the right side of my head -- probably because of the MRI.

I've been on the computer since and will be home tomorrow. I don't have to be anywhere at a particular time until Saturday, so I might try pushing forward.
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