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Very Sleepy

I watched the last two shows on tape last night, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 2:30am. I finished at 5am and set the alarm for 1pm but didn't go to sleep until about 8am. I changed the alarm to 2pm, but am still sleepy.

I may have damaged Spirit's bravery because she was with me over here for two hours and then I needed to use the bathroom. I thought about just letting her down on the floor and decided I should take her with me and shut the door so the big cats didn't see her. That was a bad decision -- she screamed her head off. I kept telling her I was there and we'd go back, but she yelled until I picked her up again and came back out here. I sat in the computer chair and she went right back to her bed. She didn't come and sit on my lap in the recliner until I read the paper.

I'm getting about eight hours for the condo to go from 74F to 70F, so I set it back at 5pm and hope that means it will be at 70F by 3am. I have the MRI tonight at 10pm (plan to leave at 8:30pm because I'll be on three busy highways, and they can frequently take me soon after I get there) and otherwise have just read the front pages of the sections of the Sunday paper.

A group of doctors and organizers ran an organ-transplant scam. They told very poor people from several countries that they would get money for a kidney, but they didn't get any money. The group got a lot of money for each kidney.

An excellent cartoon on torture by Danzinger.
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