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Spirit Leaves Her End Table!

Last night I watched TV and a tape, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 2:30am. I stopped way too late -- at 6:30am -- and didn't get to sleep until about 8:30am. I turned off the alarm and got up at 4pm, mostly because Junie and Loki were working on me.

Spirit was just over here with me for an hour! She hasn't done this since she got scared by Junie! I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was walking calmly across the hall part and then got on the subwoofer and then up on the old computer. She used to sit there all the time (I turned it on because I think she sat there for warmth) and spent most of her hour there while I petted her -- good thing the trackball is on the right and she was on the left. She did sit on my lap several times, got up on the computer table, and sniffed her way to the refill for the scratchy-thingie (which I have on my list to put in and haven't done yet). She calmly went back to the end table, ate, drank, and used the litterbox. I'm so surprised and pleased. Hah! She's coming again!

Yesterday's heat work:

3:30pm - up to 74

6pm - down to 70

8pm - 74

12am - 73

2:30am - 72

6:30am - 70

I didn't get it started back any sooner than yesterday because I was going through the TV Week and marking it up, going through the coupon tabloids/flyers, and making the grocery list and didn't want to kick Spirit off my lap until I was ready to move.

One of the WashPost's columnists, Petula Dvorak, is a bit shrill most of the time, but yesterday's column made it clear that she hates atheists and agnostics. She assumes that all atheists/agnostics must be part of the Humanist Society and thinks they're bad because they don't have things like services. She doesn't understand what the difference is between beliefs and how those beliefs don't really require their own holidays.
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