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Testing Temperature

Last night I watched two tapes, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 2am. I read until 5am and set the alarm for 1pm. When I was up to the bathroom at 11:45am, I turned the alarm off. The lab tech called me about 2:45pm and one of the tubes has clotted blood in it, so I'll get stuck again on Monday. I got up at 3pm. I saw the results from one doctor's tests today and I'm down to 27, dipping into Stage 4 GFR, which is not a good thing. I suspect I'll hear from a renal nurse next week.

I was able to handle a higher temperature during the day and lower at night in the summer (more A/C at night) and during the fall I just swapped from A/C to heat and back. But now it's too cold to run A/C with a heat pump at night and I've been trying to figure out how early I have to set the temperature back to get to the right temperature at night.


3:30pm - increased heat setting to 74

8pm - decreased heat setting to 70

10pm - still 74

12am - 73

1:30am - 73

5am - 72

11:45am - 70

So I put the heat up to 74 again at 3:30pm and set it back down to 70 at 6pm. I'll see how well that works.

I think the two reasons the heat doesn't drop very quickly is because four sides of the condo are covered by other condos or the ground and I have honeycomb shades on each window (the other two sides). When we get into real winter, I can probably just turn the temperature down when I go to bed to read.

A Maryland county, Prince George's, has had horrible police officers and sheriffs. They've killed and wounded a lot of people and animals that they shouldn't have. Well, this morning, the FBI and IRS arrested the county executive and his wife. There was some belief that they were letting developers bribe them so he could influence the board and let the developers start. The FBI set up a sting and got them both.

Sarah Palin's PAC is getting more notice by the FEC since the PAC's numbers don't add up, and not for the first time.
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