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Too Dark Too Soon

I did some beading last night while I watched TV and then watched two of the shows I taped. I have three shows on tape now. I read the paper and headed to bed to read at 2:30am. I stopped at 6am so I could finish the book and set the alarm for 2pm. When it went off, I just turned it off and thought about the dream for 45 minutes and then got up.

I need to make a hat and scarf to match my new coat and gloves, and I went to Hancocks, planning to find what I wanted and then buy online -- not only is it cheaper, but I'd get as many skeins as I needed in the same lot number -- but Hancocks was having a 33% off sale and they had exactly the number of skeins I needed in the same lot number, so I bought there. I went on and got gas and then headed home. While I was driving, I had a phone call; I don't answer the phone while I'm driving (and it'd be almost impossible because it's in my pants pocket under my top and coat) and then didn't remember to check the voice mail when I got home. It turned out to be a message from the lab tech, asking me to call her, but it was way too late. I'll call her tomorrow.

It was dark when I got home at 5pm, which sure seems too early.

I haven't put any buttons on my coat yet, and I looked carefully, but as I expected, I didn't have any that implied war was good. I'll have to look for one that honors veterans.

The food machine was close to empty and I didn't want it to run out at the 10am dispensing when I'm not awake. I gifted all the cats with extra of this dry food and filled the food machine with the regular food. I dropped some of those, of course, and the big kitties gobbled them up.

A Pentagon study group has determined that getting rid of "don't ask, don't tell" rule will make a very small problem.

Cats use fluid mechanics to drink.

For those of you with an iPad who want to read the WashPost on it: you can see a video here and get a "complimentary full-access subscription" here.

The WashPost puts some corrections to articles on the second page of the paper paper and others in a list online. This one is only on the paper, so I'll type it:

A Nov. 5 Style review of a Dresden Staatskapelle concert at the Kennedy Center incorrectly said that the British conductors Simon Rattle and Daniel Harding had worked in Birmingham, Ala. The Birmingham in question is in England. (heh)
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