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Pupil Dilation

I watched the last two taped shows last night while I had the other VCR watch Two and a Half Men, then watched TaaHM right after. I finished just in time to have one watch Hawaii Five O and I watched Castle. Then I read the paper while I watched the late news and then watched Hawaii Five O. I got to bed at 1:30 and read until 4:30, setting the alarm at 1pm. I got up and off to the Vision Care Center and boy, was the ophthalmologist late. I have "MILD incipient CATARACTS" but he said he won't have to do surgery for a few years yet. I get my pupils dilated once a year and this time I was driving home with the sun directly in front of me. I stopped and ate at Carrabbas again -- salad and calamari, of which I brought most home -- so my eyes were less dilated and the sun was almost down on the way home.

I'm really tired and my back hurts a lot. My eyes are still not back to normal, so when I finish this post, I'm turning the computer off and coming back tomorrow.

Hilton Worldwide now has to do more for disabled people.

In what some people will call a "death panel," Medicare is deciding whether they'll use Provenge. It costs $93,000 but only gives the prostate cancer patient another four months. Maybe they should get to choose themselves. A list of other expensive meds is there.
Tags: dilated pupils, driving, food, hilton and the disabled, provenge for $$, reading, sleeping, tired, tv, vision

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