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Last night I read the paper and watched the tape of the last show from Friday. Now I need to watch the two Wednesday shows I have on the other machine. The shows are episodic, but there's still some things that carry over. I got to bed at 1:30am and only took one narcotic pill. I finished reading at 4:30am and set the alarm for noon. I didn't go to sleep until 6am and was awake every hour with more pain and turned the alarm to 2pm and got up then. I'll have to take the two pills tonight and make sure I'm up at 1pm so I get to the ophthalomologist appointment on time.

I had enough money left for this week, so I just went to the grocery store. They still don't have the Swheat Scoop so when I got home, I emailed the sales person again.

On the way in today, I picked up Saturday's mail, which was one envelope. It was from Prince William Hospital and I was sure I didn't owe them any money, so I wondered what I was going to find. A $50 refund from an MRI six days less than a year ago. I'm really pleased about that, particularly because I kept trying to explain to PWH and Kaiser that I only owed $50 and they insisted I pay $100. I'll have to be more insistent next time because it's not really fair that they got to keep the $50 for almost a year.

The cat laundry is running and the big cats are waiting at the food machine; they know it's going to dispense any minute.
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