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Very Similar

Friday was a lot like Wednesday. Thursday night I was online late enough that when I watched the tape of one show and read the paper, I got to bed to read at 3:30am. I planned to finish at 5am and set the alarm for 1pm. However, I managed to read until 5:30am and then went right to sleep.

I got up when the alarm went off and although my hands don't hurt as much today, the feet make it very hard to walk. I went to get my left visual fields and waited half-an-hour reading the first section of the WashPost. The tech told me she'd had to help a doctor with an emergency and I told her it was okay. And it was, because I was out of there late enough that I got traffic on the way to where I usually get off the interstate and go south, which meant I could eat at Carrabbas, which opens at 4pm. I usually have the margharita pizza, which I did, and a house salad, but I decided to try "poppers" which were listed as having risotto, sausage, and peppers in them, and marinara sauce for dipping. It was definitely not risotto and while it wasn't bad, I won't order it again. I started feeling more and more sleepy on the way south.

I was still in so much pain and exhaustion when I got home that I brought the mail in and went back to sleep again. I had the VCR watch shows and I got up 3.5 hours later at 9pm. I've been online but Spirit has cried Lonely a couple times, so I went over to sit with her during the news and read the rest of the paper. When I finished, I came back over here.

When Junie and Loki came to live with me, she was named Junie B. I googled and that turns out to be a character in a children's book series. I just call her Junie, but a children's theatre is having a show based on one of the books: Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.

There was a very succinct letter to the WashPost yesterday, and I quote it in full: So we had an election. It's now Wednesday, and the economy is still bad. I say we throw these bums out, too!

John Turner, Centreville, Md.

For the first time ever, Alabama has elected a black woman to Congress.

And a nice Tom Toles cartoon showing Boehner's plans.
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