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More Pain

How the heck did I get a red squiggle under things the system thinks is wrong, and how do I make it stop?

There wasn't much on TV last night so I watched Life, Unexpected on CW and when it wasn't on, watched NBC. In my district, the incumbent (probably for a century) won again, but the new nominee got a third of the vote. That's really good for someone with no political background. The district next door currently has 820 votes separating the candidates. There's provisional ballots to count and no matter which side those go to, the guy with the lower number of votes can ask for a recount. This means there won't be a winner for at least a few days.

After I read the paper last night, I still hurt like crazy and took two of the narcotics. I'd planned to stop reading at 4am, and I did, but I still hurt so much I didn't get to sleep until 7am. I pushed the alarm forward to a few minutes before 1pm. I took the trash and recycling out and then went to get my right eye's visual fields. She asked me a few times if I was sure I couldn't do the left eye then, but I told her, I needed to get home and take more narcotics. Which I did. I got yesterday's mail in and then went back to the bedroom, undressed, took the med, and got into bed. Both Junie and Loki tucked up with me until my phone rang the late med alarm. I'd slept 90 minutes and felt better and more awake.

I came out here and scooped litterboxes and booted up the computer. I stopped to watch Modern Family because I only have two recorders for the other two sets of shows. Spirit got a lot of petting and I think she appreciated it.

In the margin of an article about the DC-area Metro, it said that Beck's rally had 510,020 rides and Stewart/Colbert had 825,437. I'm sure there were non-rally people in both, but it is a good clue.

Apparently some Republicans think that they'll get the big companies that gave money to the Democrats to grovel.

A member of the George Washington women's basketball team feels male and is using male pronouns and changed his name. But he's not having the hormones or surgery so he can stay on the women's team as long as he has eligibility. I don't have a problem with his transgender, but I think it's a bit hypocritical to stay physically a woman so he can have eligibility.
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