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My ankle still hurt today so I just went to vote, but my knee lapsed a couple times, so I should have taken my cane just for that. I was already on the sidewalk in when one of the guys sitting in chairs by the parking lot yelled if I wanted a sample ballot. I said No and he yelled again "Do you need info about the state items?" and I said "I actually thought about this before I came" and he sat back down.

Last night I read the paper and then planned to watch just the tape of Hawaii Five O but I realized I hadn't finished the rehydration fluid so I watched the tape of Castle, too, which let me get to bed to read at 2:30am. I planned to read until 5am, but went on to 6:30am to finish the section. I went right to sleep and woke up when the alarm went off at 2pm.

Tomorrow I take the trash and recycling out and then go a distance to Kaiser ophthalmology for visual fields on one eye. I can't sit up straight long enough with the stress -- two hours or so -- to do both at the same time, so I do the other eye on Friday. Then next week I see the doctor and get my eyes made useless for a while. I'll need to find some easy crochet thing to take with me.

A very funny cartoon by Jimmy Margulies about Sarah Palin.
Tags: eyes, pain, politics, reading, sleeping, vote

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