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Too Much Candy

I just printed a large "WAIT" to put on the other side of the front door at 6pm (the mayor declared trick or treating to be 6-9pm) and having mixed candy in a bowl, I think I have too much. I hope I find someone who wants the rest.

Last night I watched the tape of Medium and CSI:NY and then read the paper (including coupons and making the very small grocery list), getting to bed to read at 3am. I was very sleepy at 5am but wanted to finish the novella and the magazine, so I pushed to 5:30am. I put the alarm at 2pm and went right to sleep, but when it went off I set it to 3pm and got up then.

My dream before I woke up was that I was working with cartoon characters who, if they were good enough, became real.

Google as Tax Dodger Extraodinaire
Tags: candy, dream, google tax dodger, halloween, reading, sleeping, tv

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