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Emptier Closet

I was online until almost 11pm. I'd washed the old coat and during the news I put the faux fur cuffs and collar on. I'm pretty sure it came with them attached, but I don't remember so much trouble. There's buttons on the coat and I was expecting buttonholes, but it was tiny elastic loops. There were 15 total and it wasn't until the next-to-last one, that was smaller, that I thought to use my letter opener to keep the loop open. It was great for those last two. I put that in a Peapod bag and then lots of red and black scarves people gave me plus a couple I made for myself in another bag. The new coat is boysenberry and I'll probably make a scarf for myself.

My fingers hurt so much after that that I just watched the tape of Blue Bloods, which is a very Catholic show, and petted Spirit. I read the paper and got to bed to read at 3am. I didn't read as much as I wanted to because my wrists started hurting like crazy. I couldn't take more narcotics for seven hours so I got up and got out one of those things you zap and it keeps the heat for a while. I zapped it and wrapped it around my wrists, which made it hard to read. I went right to sleep at 5am, having set the alarm for 1pm, but when it went off, I reset it to 2pm.

I didn't do any work on next week's TV Week or the coupons because I was running a little late and I wanted to take the bags to the charity thrift shop. There were lots of people there, probably because it's Saturday, and there was a car at the top of the line that had heavy exercise machines and furniture so even after one of the guys took my bags, I couldn't get out.

I did get to the library in time and pointed out the damage in one of the books. It said on the card holder (not used anymore) that it had been mended in 2007 and I pointed out to one of the staff that stitches had come undone. Then I went to get my four books -- the last three Richard Jury books and another science book -- and realized I didn't bring my library card in. Normally I'd just memorize it, but it's too close to another long number I really need memorized.

I put the books down back on the shelf that holds requests, walked out to the van, got the card, and walked back in. I sat and rested for a bit, then picked up the books, and checked them out.

I figured IHOP would have waffles, because I was still craving them, and they do, but just Belgian waffles. Fortunately, they have them all day. I had them put strawberry topping on mine which made it a bit sweet, but not bad. I knew I'd be full pretty soon after, and I was.

The big kitties ate the new food on Spirit's plate, so until we're done with the current food, she's getting that, too. I don't want her to go without food.

The WashPost gave an excellent review to CHOCOLATE WARS, The 150-Year Rivalry Between the World's Greatest Chocolate Makers by Deborah Cadbury. Yes, she's a relative. It sounds interesting.
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