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The Coat Came!

Boy, Roaman's is really acting quickly! The coat is still very slightly too big (I went from 6X to 4X and I decided 3X might be too small) and the sleeves come down over my wrists, which is very unusual in my tops! It is just what I wanted, even in the purple color. Tonight I'm going to wash the old coat, put the hood and cuffs with faux fur back on, and put it in a Peapod bag to take to the thrift store. It's still in great shape (partly because it's washable) so someone will probably want it.

Last night I deconstructed lots of boxes and got them into bigger boxes except the giant one. I got them into the rolling cart so it'd be ready to go in the morning. I expected to take the two library books I have, too. I watched two shows on tape, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 3am. I read until about 5:30am (finishing the book) and set the alarm to 2pm. I still slept off and on until 8am so when I woke up at 10am, I just turned the alarm off. I got up at 3:30pm, suddenly worried because the library and the transfer station close at 5pm on Fridays. I hurried through here, realizing that if I took the books tomorrow, I could get the four I have on hold with return dates of 11/19, which is bookgroup day, so I could just bring them when I'm coming to the library anyway.

It was very cold today -- 55F at the top -- so I layered under the old coat, knowing it wouldn't keep me very warm. The first deep breath I took outside felt like I froze my lungs, and indeed, we have a freeze warning tonight. I took the cardboard out to the van and then to the transfer station. Something smelled very like coconut there and I doubt it was the station. There's a plant place on the other side of where the public recycling dumpsters are -- you can't buy there, they sell to designers -- but I don't know what they would have had that smelled like that, either. I went on to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, planning to have the salad bar, but when I got there I wanted something hot and had most of a hamburger.

I had to change a compact fluorescent light that's been up for years! That means I have to take it to the HazMat drop-off in December. I also took all the dust off the shade with several rounds of packaging tape around my hand.

That Rand Paul volunteer that stomped on the head of a MoveOn activist? He wants an apology from her.

Another study on bisphenol-A -- BPA -- shows that men who drink/eat it have lower sperm quality and a lower amount of sperm. BPA is in can linings, some plastics, and many other products.

A judge is allowing Linda McMahon, WWE's former chief executive, now candidate, to have supporters and even poll workers wearing WWE clothes. The Democrats think this violates the restriction of political advertising too close to the poll, but the judge disagreed. McMahon's husband plans to give away WWE stuff near some polls.
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