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Lots of Driving and Taking Care of Things

Last night I watched the two shows I taped (I still really like The Defenders) and then read the paper. I got to bed to read at 3:30am, stopped at 6am, and set the alarm for 2pm. I fell asleep right away and didn't wake up until the MRI scheduler called me. It turns out I'm having a regular MRI on 11/14 at 10pm. She told me that I got the regular MRI because I asked for it, which I hadn't, of course. The nurse was probably afraid of looking clueless. That was 10:45am and I felt awake but decided to sleep to 2pm. I went right back to sleep and got up when the alarm went off.

I checked on the computer to see when the Peapod delivery would be here -- 7:30-9:30pm -- so I went out and got more cat food. I looked to see if the mailman was here yet and he was at the clusterbox before mine. I brought the cat food in and left it in the rolling cart in the foyer and started on the email (Junie started on the cat food bag). 10 minutes after he went by, I went to get the mail and my check was there (along with more meds and the new Asimov's) so I headed off for the credit union. I put the check and deposit slip together while waiting at red lights because the drive-in closes at 6pm and I left our development at 5:33. It turned out to be 5:43 when I got there.

I came home and paid bills, loaded and ran the dishwasher, scooped litterboxes, and was online more. When the dishwasher stopped, I opened it and got out the bowl Loki and Junie use for water, dried off the outside, filled it with water, and put it down. Then I closed the dishwasher door so the Peapod driver can get in without bruising his legs. I was back online and then put laundry in the washer (now in the dryer). I put the rest of the current cat food into the food machine and then the new food into the big container. I spilled some of the current food, of course, and Spirit has not only new food, but the kind they like better (Petsmart was out of it the last time I needed food), so Junie tried to steal from her. Since she didn't respond to my yelling, I rolled up a catalog and smacked her on the back. She ran off and is now in the recliner. So now I just have to wait for the Peapod driver and then put the dishes away.

NPR quoted Charlie's article today.

Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) was taking three passengers to his house in Texas via his Cessna and when he saw the big yellow X that meant the runway was closed, he landed there anyway. Then he took off from the taxiway. Makes you wonder if he assumes being a Senator lets him do what he wants.
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