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The Wrong MRI

Last night was a lot like Monday night except for the tuna fish sandwich because I had to fast. I planned to stop reading in bed at 4am, which I did, and had the alarm set for noon. I slept off and on until 8am and then, when woken by a dramatic crash of thunder, moved the alarm to 1pm. I got up, called Kaiser Imaging, book in hand, and they said the neurologist had ordered an open MRI, which they didn't do. They were going to call her and give her the number for the place that does. I took the trash and recycling out and then had the lab done.

The Richard Jury book I'm reading right now had the sergeant eating waffles and suddenly last night I really wanted waffles. I haven't had any in a very long time, so after the blood, I went to Bob Evans. They're right by the center, however, they only have one kind of waffle and you have to be there before 2pm to get it. I had what I usually have there -- the cup (really bowl-size) of sausage gravy and hash browns on the side. I don't eat there very often, so the sausage gravy (gravy made with pieces of sausage and you crumble biscuits into it and stir then eat) isn't so bad for me. While I was eating, the neurologist's nurse called and clearly hadn't quite understood (I typed understanded first) what was happening. She didn't believe that the neuro had ordered the open MRI until I told her that five or six times. She finally put me on hold and then found that order. She told me she'd call me tomorrow.

The mail was here when I got home -- a med where I have only two days-worth left, catalogs, and a DVD. I managed to read the email but was falling asleep at the keyboard, so Spirit and I napped in the recliner for about 3 hours. Somewhere in there she woke me up to let her out on top; she does that, likes to sleep under the duvet at the beginning and then curled up on top. We got up at 8:30pm (I'd had the TV shows already set to be taped) and I started back over here.

When I checked my account with Quicken, there was the refund for the first coat. I don't know why she said it would be first or second statement, but I'm glad it's here.

The Zoo people put our very cute oldest lion cubs into the water in their habitat so they can practice swimming and get out. The staff can't wait longer because the cubs will be too dangerous to hold. They're considering putting a ramp in for the cubs. The cubs didn't like it.

ETA: Forgot this: Charlie Stross has a very interesting post on steampunk.
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