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Still Too Little Sleep

After I got offline yesterday, I read the paper while dealing with laundry and scooping litterboxes. I'm having a lot of problems putting the duvet cover on the duvet. It never used to be a problem, but now, over and over, I'm getting a corner of the duvet into the wrong corner of the duvet cover. Last night I did it twice, laid it out again and came back to the paper for a while, screwed it up again (cried on the bed for a while) and tried again -- that time it worked. I'm having similar problems with clothes, finding the neckline or waist or whatever I need to fold/hang/put away. I think I'm not recognizing the relationship of parts like I used to.

I went to bed to read at 3am and read until 5am. I set the alarm for 1pm but didn't really sleep until about 7am so when the alarm went off, I just stayed in bed. I got up about 2:15pm.

I ordered a new coat from Roaman's back on 9/26. They sent an email saying it was shipped 9/27 and would be here in 10 days (UPS Ground). I waited and waited and filled out their contact form; the email I received said I had to wait 15 business days before I complained about shipping. That was Friday so on Saturday, I started dealing with them. They got to email, I had to use the contact form (although at least they gave me links that would keep all the data together). In the end, they asked if I would like to reorder the coat and I said yes. Then yesterday I got an email that said they would send me the refund for the first order and it would show up on my next or next after that statement. I expected them to use the first payment for the second coat, instead of refunding the first coat payment and charging me for the second coat. Now, I use Quicken every day to check my account so I would know earlier than when I get the statement. They are going to have an extra $100 of my money for probably at least a month and have put in another bill to my checking account for the second coat.

My private disability check should come in the next few days and I'm unusually tight right now, so I went online to the credit union last night and cancelled some payments to have the money for the second coat. (The payments can be made after the check comes and still get there in time.) The second coat had better come soon; this seems a lot like fraud.

The ATM was down (guys working on it) so I just dropped the DVD at the post office and then used my debit card at the grocery. Still no kitty litter and I will probably have to use the one box I have left of SWheat Scoop this week.

The cat blankies are in the laundry and again, Junie and Loki aren't happy. Spirit's still in the bed, which is where she spends probably 19 hours a day.

A very nice article with graphics has the crime guns from yesterday and today's article about Virginia's.

Another large article with graphics is on the tea parties. It indicates that they may be too spread apart and not interested in politics to make much difference.

The WashPost delivers the Parade magazine with their Sunday paper. Yesterday Parade had an article on the best police in the country. The first one got an elderly woman out of a fire, one gave out the most speeding tickets, one helped community groups, one closed a drug gang, but one "was visiting friends when two robbers assailed them. Unarmed, Lovadina attacked the duo. They shot her multiple times and killed another person. The men were later caught and charged". They don't tell us all about it, but with what's in that blurb, surely they should have just given up things rather than fighting and having someone killed.
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