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Not Sleeping

I got up so late yesterday that I got offline just in time for the late news. I read the paper and then planned to go to bed early. As I stood up, I realized I hadn't taken the evening BP. I figured I could just sit for another 15 minutes petting Spirit and then go to read in bed. I picked up my glass of iced tea to get more ice and realized I hadn't had the rehydration fluid yet. So I picked the shortest of the DVDs I had here and took the BP and finished the drink.

I went to bed to read at 2am and planned to read until 5am and set my alarm to 1pm. I was actually awake until just before 10am and when the alarm went off, I just stayed in bed. Junie started bashing me about 3pm, and I got up at 3:30pm. I'll try to stay up long enough for a regular sleep time and hope that works.

I'm washing bed linen at the moment -- as usual, Loki and Junie are very unhappy as I take layers of the linen off the bed. They move to the next and then the next and when the mattress pad is the only thing there, they come to sit out here.

When I was a teenager and we lived here, on special days we went to Giffords, that had the most wonderful ice cream. Recently the man who was the ice cream wholesaler and owned the four stores sold the stores to an investor with the agreement in the contract that they would continue to use Giffords. When he took his kids for cones, he found them using a premium version of a grocery store ice cream. Now they're fighting over breach of contract and the stores are almost gone, just like many times in the past.

Years ago, Congress said the tracing of gun sellers' illegal sales couldn't be made public by investigators. Fortunately, the WashPost has worked on that and has a very interesting article about Maryland's gun stores that sell the largest number of guns used on crimes.

Some large companies that got tax money to bail them out are now giving big donations to candidates, mostly Republicans. Some of the companies haven't paid off their debt yet, either.

It turns out I'm not part of the New Elite -- are you?

A nuclear powered British sub ran into rocks off the Isle of Skye. The really bad part of it is that an identical sub ran into the same rocks eight years ago.
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