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Heavy Duty Hand Cream

My hands were cracked in seven places last night, so I moved to the heavy duty hand cream. I'll probably keep with that even though we're supposed to be in the 70s for a while. Last night I watched TV and read the paper, ready to read in bed at 1:30am. I finished right before 4am and set the alarm for noon. When it went off, I got up to use the bathroom, but went back to sleep right away. Junie woke me up at 3:30pm, clearly thinking I was lazing around (now -- Spirit in her bed under the end table, Junie in the recliner, Loki on the loveseat).

I've put dishes in the dishwasher and put in the order for Peapod on Thursday. Peapod had a lot of frozen microwavable dinners on sale and I have a lot of coupons, so I'll need to eat at least three of what I have in the freezer before Thursday.

Yesterday I saw a political ad that had bumpers from the broadcaster: don't let your children watch, we're required to show this. That was odd enough that I looked up and watched. Missy Smith is running from the Tea Party (she says, they don't) for the DC non-voting House representative. Now, nobody is likely to win other than the incumbent, Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has been really good at it and has a lot of experience. Now we hear Smith's running just so she can put graphic ads on TV.

Smith is running what she calls abortion fetus ads. The one I saw actually looked like dolls and were full-size. The only reason third trimester abortions are done is if the woman's life is in danger. The babies she showed, which didn't move, were big enough to have been delivered and moved into ICU, if necessary. They were covered with gore and holes and so forth. Still looked like dolls. In TBD there's an article on the ad and National Abortion Federation ( is quoted as saying that this ad will backfire even with the antichoice crowd.

This is Smith's page. Don't look unless you're comfortable looking at the much more graphic babies than on the TV ad.
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