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Changing Leaves

Last night I watched TV and read the paper. I decided to leave the taped shows until tonight or Saturday and got to bed to read at 1:30am. I thought too much, though, and stopped reading at 5am instead of 4am. The Richard Jury books have progressively had him thinking about how his parents died in WWII and it is affecting him more and more. It made me think about war and childhood, too. I set the alarm for 1pm and when it went off, I turned it off and just laid there to think about my dream and woke up at 2:19pm. In my dream, I was being taught how to be something like a vet -- I was in a place where all animals were desperately important -- and I was good, but exhausted.

I'd been thinking about going to Dixie Bones for a few weeks (and then had soft food for two weeks) and actually got there today. I left at 3:20pm and got home at 5:05pm, having spent 30 minutes at the restaurant. It's a long drive, and I was going at speed limit during rush hour, so I knew it would take a while. I brought about half my giant potato topped with pulled pork home. Part of the trip is on a parkway with only trees on either side and our trees are starting to change -- joined to a lovely blue sky, it was a wonderful drive to and from.

One of my friends offers an excellent article about yesterday's Purple Day.

In the animal book, they mentioned Snowball and I've had this bookmarked for a few years. It makes me happy to watch.

Here in Virginia, content specialists don't always review schoolbooks. One mother, a historian for the College of William and Mary, saw her daughter's Our Virginia and found a paragraph that said thousands of slaves fought for the South in the Civil War and that they fought for Stonewall Jackson. When the author was questioned about this, she said she wasn't a professional historian and got that particular information from the internet... the website of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. The publisher is offering stickers to cover that paragraph.

I complained about the use of "man up" and now Ruth Marcus and Kathleen Parker have Op-Eds about it.
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