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Purple Day

I watched TV last night, read the paper, and read in bed until about 6am, taking a half-hour for an English muffin and sausage patty sandwich. My stomach rumbled. I'd left the alarm at noon, but when it beeped, I turned it off and woke up by myself at 2:45pm.

Loki and Junie had a brief fight today -- Loki was lying on his side parallel to the sliding glass doors and Junie came and sat almost over him looking out the doors. Loki almost smacked her and then she really attacked him and there was hissing and flying fur.

I took the trash and recycling out on a very wet and cool day and I wasn't out enough for anybody else to see me wearing all purple. And of course, if I'd run into people who know me, they would have thought it was just a normal outfit.

What I think is a very funny cat & dog comic.
Tags: cats, errands, food, mother goose and grimm, purple, reading, sleeping, tv

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