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Flu Shot

I was online long enough last night that I taped both Castle and Hawaii Five O and then watched them after the news. I read the paper and went to bed to read at 3am (skimmed chapters 3 - 7) and planned to sleep at 4am (set the alarm to noon) but I was still awake with just small bits of sleep by 8am. I changed the alarm to 1pm, and got up then. That was running late enough for what I'd planned that instead of reading the front pages of the sections of the WashPost, I just sat in the recliner 15 minutes so I could take my BP (normal) and then headed out.

I took the Medicare Donut Hole Check and my loose change to the inside of the credit union and ran into lizzibabe. We caught up while one of the guys at the counter ran the change through the machine (more than $50 and usually it's about $35 so I must have had more quarters) and deposited both. I have a Jon Singer bowl and plan to do something beaded to add to it, but for now it's my change bowl.

I got my flu shot without having to wait and then went for two labs that were expired last week and were now back on the computer. I stopped at the Giant near there to get English muffins, which I forgot to get at my Giant yesterday and while there, a small piece of pastry called my name. I'll have that later.

I wore mostly purple yesterday and today, but I'll wear all purple tomorrow for GLAAD Spirit Day.

Canadian ambassador Gary Doer has knocked down Sharron Angle's words that the 9/11 terrorists came from Canada. I doubt it will keep her from talking that way.

A very conservative Latino political group is running an ad that tells Hispanics not to vote.

Shots were fired at the Pentagon this morning with nobody hurt. They're still looking for clues.

An article in the WashPost Health & Science section today has a set of myths about the new healthcare rules and the facts about them.

Lots of Republicans and conservative Democrats are sounding off about how bad the stimulus is, but are still asking for some of the stimulus money.

And finally, the WashPost has a map of foreclosure percentages in the US, separated by counties.
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